RASI Resources & Systems International, Inc.
Watershed Planning • Resources Management • Environmental Solutions • Ecological Risk Assessment

    Resources and Systems International, Inc. (RASI), is committed to developing and encouraging use of innovative and cost effective solutions to the complex environmental and water resources problems. RASI has established a multidisciplinary team of nationally and internationally recognized scientists and engineers, who are at cutting edge of this technology. This team is dedicated to provide high quality services in the areas of environment, watershed and water resources management, planning, and development in the US and overseas.

RASI specializes in watershed planning and management, involving multi-aquifer groundwater systems, and surface water resources. RASI offers environmental consulting in remedial design, risk assessment and management, modeling surface water and groundwater contamination from industrial, commercial, agricultural nonpoint chemical sources, hydrocarbon spills, leaking underground tanks, landfills, and seawater intrusion. RASI develops innovative computer models, provides litigation support services including expert witnesses and advanced computer animations to make site data easily understandable to everyone. RASI offers high quality training for environmental professionals, managers, and regulators.


Ashok K. Katyal, Ph.D. (President/Principal Engineer)

*Remedial design and planning
*Evaluation and optimization of restoration strategies
*Surface and groundwater resources investigation and management
*Watershed management, water resources planning, irrigation and drainage systems' design
*Risk and exposure assessment investigations
*Development and field application of numerical and analytical multidimensional models
*Modeling multiphase (water, NAPL, gas, sea-water) flow, multicomponent transport
*Modeling pollution (organic, inorganic) from point, and nonpoint sources

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